Zildjian Planet Z 2-Piece Cymbal Pack

ZildjianSKU: PLZ1418

Precio de venta$139.95 USD


Your journey starts here. Discover new sounds and new directions with Planet Z from Zildjian. Precision crafted in the U.S.A. from a proprietary Nickel Silver alloy, Planet Z cymbals are designed to be versatile, inspiring instruments. No matter what style of music you play, Planet Z is a great entry to the Zildjian family of cymbals.

Cut through the mix. Planet Z crash cymbals give your music a pronounced punch with a full, explosive sound. Lively and versatile, these crashes will cut through when you most need to accent the beat.

Keep the beat. Planet Z Hi-Hats deliver a range of sounds and respond precisely to how you play them. They’re clean and crisp when open, or short and separated when closed.

The Planet Z 418 pre-matched set includes a pair of 14” Planet Z HiHats and an 18" Planet Z Crash.

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