Topp Pro FLX 5

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Topp Pro FLX 5, is ideal for use in medium-sized venues, indoor and outdoor concepts (open space). Well, this system is able to play an aggressive role that is needed in open air conditions. So the sound reproduction, especially the bass and kick sound is very mature and punchy. Meanwhile, the clarity of vocals (mid-frequency area) and high frequencies such as hi-hats, crash and ride cymbals sound precise and not distorted.


  •  System Type: 5'' 2-way Passive System
  •  Output Power: 120W Continuous, 240W Program
  •  Sensitivity (1W/1M): 95dBM Maximum SPL @ 1m115.5dB Max.(calauated)
  •  Frequency Response: 90Hz-20kHz (-10dB)
  •  Impedance: 8 ohms
  •  Transducer Low: 2x 5'' Woofer , 1.18''(30mm) Voice Coil
  •  Transducer High: 1x 1'' Tweeter , 1'' (25mm) Voice Coil
  •  Crossover Frequency: 2.0kHz
  •  Dispersion: (-6dB)100° Horizontal, 12° Vertical (one module)
  •  Attachment Points: Adjustable Rigging System, Vertical Splay Adjustable in 1.5° Increments from 0°-12°
  •  Connectors: 2 x SPK4
  •  Weight approach: 8.0kg / 17.63 lbs

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