Sonola L'Artigiana Acordeón Sin Registros MI Madera con Parrilla Dorada


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The new L’Artigiana model was made with the best functionality, sound and delicacy that characterizes the Sonola accordions. This accordion of Italian manufacturing made out of wood and with black designs is of regular size and light weight, which does not compromise the great sound of this accordion. It has 34 treble buttons, 12 bass buttons, 3 reeds, and no switches, which makes this new model a complete accordion while maintaining a great norteño sound.

On the acoustic side, this model, has an alloy of fine woods and very well treated to obtain the best acoustics of the voices that in this case are “Artigiana” tipo a mano. This model also contains 3 reeds, 2 medium and 1 large, which means that it sounds like a regular 3 or 5 switch accordion but without the switches, with the main sound being the Master and helps this accordion be unique. 

All this is made in an artisanal way and taking care of every detail in every part of the process, in SONOLA ACCORDIONS® each accordion is treated personally by the best artisans in Italy.

*Bass Voice Blocks not included

  • Manufacturing: Italian
  • Color or Finish: Natural Wood
  • Button Color: White
  • Treble Buttons: 34
  • Bass Buttons: 12
  • Reeds: 3 Blocks
  • Key: EAD
  • Type of voices: Cagnoni
  • Hardware Color: Wood
  • Weight: 9.2 lbs
  • Regular size
  • Measurements: L: 12.5" W: 7" H: 14.5"
  • Includes: Padded case and professional straps
  • To see product warranty, click here

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