Shure VP83F LensHopper Camera-mount Compact Shotgun Mic with Flash Recording

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Unless you’re into second-rate sound, it’s likely that your DSLR or HD camera isn’t cutting it. It’s also the reason for the LensHopper™ VP83F. Get ultra-clean, accurate audio steeped in almost a century of excellence. Add integrated micro-SD card recording, and up to 10 hours of capture time for your perfect partner device. Packaged into lightweight shotgun design with all-metal construction, you’re sure to appreciate our legendary durability standards. Go-anywhere audio never sounded so good.

A mic that sounds so accurate and travels so well can only come from audio pros with major touring experience. This compact barrel mic has a supercardioid/lobal polar pattern for capturing only your intended sound source, with a wide frequency range for natural audio reproduction. Advanced user controls for headphone monitoring, low-cut filter, mic gain adjustments, track management and playback support are all intuitively accessed for uninterrupted control. As for quiet? We’re less ‘boomy’ than you’d ever believe. Hear for yourself.

Sound pro perfection
Our audio pedigree has been thoroughly sound checked by legends. With the YouTubers catching on, it’s time to up your audio game.

SD card’s a charm
You’ll still record directly to your camera, but with an ace up your sleeve: micro SD card backup that never passes through the pre-amps in your camera.

Lose the noise
Built-in shock-absorbing Rycote® Lyre® suspension isolates vibration and mechanical noise. Stellar RF immunity eliminates unwanted audio artefacts from mobile phones and RF devices.

Form for function
VP83F components are the same as ones used by the pros, with plenty of power for marathon filming sessions. And all controls are positioned intuitively, which you’ll appreciate by about hour two.

Digital flash memory with up to 32 GB micro SD card
Ergonomic, five-position advanced control lever
Real-time monitoring and detailed, illuminated LCD display
Detachable 3.5 mm audio output cable
Standard 1/4 inch (6 mm) thread mounting for camera or pedestal

      • Shoe-mount mic for use with DSLR cameras and HD camcorders
      • High sensitivity and low self-noise with wide frequency range
      • Highly directional supercardioid / lobar polar pattern
      • Superior RF immunity that sidesteps unwanted audio artifacts from cellular and RF devices
      • Digital flash recording and playback via onboard MicroSDHC cards
      • WAV file capture at 24-bit/48kHz
      • Easily accessible MicroSD card slot that allows quick "pop-out" card access
      • Dedicated headphone audio output for real-time headphone monitoring
      • Easy-to-read, back-lit LCD screen
      • Five-position joystick provides for advanced user controls
      • One-touch record button facilitates fast audio capture and allows for pausing and stopping
      • Adjustable user gain (up to 60dB, in 1dB increments) for fine-tuning audio
      • Low-cut filter rolls off low frequencies 170Hz and below
      • Integrated Rycote Lyre shock mounting system provides robust mechanical isolation
      • Robust, all-metal construction gives you legendary Shure quality in a lightweight design
      • 2 AA alkaline batteries deliver 10 hours of battery life in Record mode
      • Includes detachable output cable with 1/8" gold-plated connector and foam windscreen
      • Standard size shoe mount with 1/4" threaded base

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