Samson AirLine 88x UHF Wireless Guitar System

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Liberate your Guitar
The AirLine 88x AG8 Guitar system offers true wireless freedom without the need for a beltpack or cable. Featuring the AG8 plug-in transmitter with a dual-position connector that is designed to fit a variety of guitar jacks, this frequency-agile UHF system combines professional audio clarity, premium reliability, extremely easy setup and a 300' operating range for guitars, basses and other stringed instruments.

Plug in. Rock Out.
Compact and unobtrusive, the plug-in AG8 Guitar Transmitter is designed to be an extension of your instrument allowing you to move freely around the stage and interact with the audience like never before. It provides IR sync to wirelessly match the receiver and transmitter frequency, an audio Mute switch for silent instrument swaps, battery life LED indicator and up to 12 hours of operation on a single AA battery. The AG8 is as easy to use as a standard guitar cable. Just plug the small transmitter into your instrument, while the receiver plugs into your amp. It’s that simple.

Versatile Performance
On stage, the AirLine 88x AG8 system provides excellent versatility. The AG8 plug-in transmitter was designed with a dual-position connector that can fit both Fender® (Stratocaster) and Gibson®-style guitar output jacks. AirLine 88x Guitar also provides exceptional clarity of the low-end frequencies, making it ideal for electric bass guitars. It’s even a great wireless solution for acoustic-electric guitars, electric violins and accordions.

Set the Stage
The AirLine 88x AG8 Guitar system is the ultimate wireless solution for the gigging musician who requires a quick and easy setup. The system’s rack mountable CR88x receiver provides 100 wireless channels across a broad 25 MHz bandwith and uses one-touch scanning to automatically select the clearest channel available in your performance space. The receiver’s True Diversity design minimizes dropouts while Tone-key and auto-mute technology prevents undesired noise and interference when the transmitter is out of range.

The rear panel provides both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (1/4") for connections to an amplifier, sound system, or recording desk. The included rackmount kit allow the single or multiple CR88x receivers to be installed in a portable audio rack or in a permanent venue.


 Airline 88x AG8 Guitar system

 High-performance professional UHF wireless system
 100 operating channels across 25 MHz bandwidth
 300' maximum operating range
 Rackmount kit included

CR88x Wireless Receiver

 Bold LED display and visual indicators 
 100 available frequencies with automatic scanning/selection
 Infrared link locks the receiver and transmitter to the same channel
 True diversity design minimizes dropouts
 Tone-key and auto-mute functions eliminate background noise during dropouts
 Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" outputs

AG8 Guitar Transmitter

 Plugs directly into the instrument (no beltpack or cable required)
 Dual-position connector fits a variety of guitar jacks
 Offers up to 12 hours of battery life using single AA battery
• Dual-color LED indicator – Low Battery; Peak Level; Mute status
• 300' operating range (line-of-sight)
• Variable Gain control
• Silent mute switch

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