Cantabella El Rey Acordeón Edición Especial Ramon Ayala 5 Registros MI Gris


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With a prodigious trajectory of more than 50 years of success, the king of the accordion has added his personal touch to the world school of the norteño accordion. To celebrate his career and give thanks for being part of the CANTABELLA ACCORDIONS family, a well-deserved tribute is paid to this icon of accordion music with a new model called "EL REY".

The "EL REY" model was proudly designed to represent the image and essence of Señorón RAMÓN AYALA Y SUS BRAVOS DEL NORTE on an accordion. .

Like our other models, this accordion is made of the best quality wood both in its acoustic body and in its Artigiana voice blocks made by hand.

It does not contain celluloid, so it is lighter with a stronger sound. The smoothness of its mechanism is made for the most demanding accordionists looking for a fast and sensitive action response.

The buttons are always well calibrated; with the perfect adjustments to open and close and properly seal the valves where the sound is produced.

THIS MODEL IS OF LIMITED PRODUCTION, since it is a special commemorative edition.

  • Manufacturing: Italian
  • Color or finish: Glossy Gray
  • Treble buttons: 34
  • Bass buttons: 12 (Voice blocks optional)
  • Switches: 5
  • Key: MI
  • Type of voices: Cagnoni
  • Hardware color: Silver
  • Color of straps and clasps: Black
  • Grill: Chrome
  • Weight: 14 Lbs
  • Size: Regular
  • Measurements: 14 "X 7.7"
  • Includes: Cushioned case and professional straps
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